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About Us 

Hello Friends of Rap and Hip-Hop Music. Welcome to Million Rap Views website. 

Hear you will find quality, popular, new and old Rap and Hip Hop with million rap views on Youtube and not only...

Check out Rap and Hip Hop Music Videos with Million Views on YouTube.
  • The Best Rap Beats / Hip Hop Instrumentals 
  • The Best Rap Battles. 
  • The Best Freestyle videos 
  • The Best Gangsta Movies,
  • The Best Stand Up Comedy"
  • The Best Reggae Music

 Are Mission is to grow the popularity of the rap and hip hop culture across the globe. That's why we decide to give a chance to every talent person to share his music on are website.

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  • If You a Reggae Music Artist , Producer, Reggae Beats Producer Learn "How can you get on Millionrapviews" 
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