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Rap - The Best Rap and Hip Hop Music with million rap views on Youtube. Popular song from new and old artist: 2pac, Nino Man, Dizzy Write, Snoop Dogg, Hospin, King lil G, Flatbush Zombies and others.

Beats - Free Rap and Hip-Hop Beats. Listen online rap and hip hop instrumentals.

Freestyle - the best rap freestyles. Listen to rap freestyle youtube videos online with no registration.

Rap Battles The Best Rap Battles in the world. Watch Rap Battles online.

Black Comedy - The Best Stand-Up Comedy from the best black artist in America. Watch Stand-up comedy shows online.

Gangsta Movies - The Best Gangsta Movies playlist. Watch online, free with no registration.

News - Read the Rap and Hip Hop News online.

Reggae Music - The Best reggae music playlist with million views on youtube.

Rap List's - List of rap channel on Youtube. Channels with millions subscribers, rap vevo channels, rap shows channels, rap reviews channels

About Us - information about are website MillionRapViews and how can you promote and submit you music. 

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